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After some players left the season after the COVID-19 outbreak, the team held its first full week of training on Friday. There were enough players on both the varsity and junior teams to get them competing in the first few weeks, but only one player, senior wide receiver Chris Howell, returned to the field for his first practice since the illness began.

The team was due to return to a game on October 3, but that game was canceled after five players tested positive for the virus. All players have recovered safely from the virus and will recover after ending their quarantine.

We are pleased to have provided treatment to all our players and their families, as well as the entire football team. Our treatment methods are equipped to provide you with the best possible treatment for any pain, injury or discomfort you may experience. These methods help you to find the right balance between pain relief and healing and prevent future problems. We have helped you find the best treatment method you need and we are proud to have provided you with the highest quality, most effective and most cost-effective treatment available.

Print a copy of the MSHSAA package from the Family Athletes Registration page on our website or pick it up at the Activities Office (527) before going to your doctor. You can call us or send us an e-mail, or call us or send us a fax to make an appointment and send your patient data.

Parents and athletes should check their account to make sure they have a final release, then Mrs. Finder will issue the final release for the Family Athletic Registration Account. The last column in the column is the number of days to vacate to participate on the first day. Athletes must complete all points with the exception of physics and registration at the activity office before the start of the school year, on or around the second day of school. All athletes must be cleared for physical and / or impact registration by the time the points are completed.

To receive an excused absence from a sport, you must call or email the activity office or call the activity office on or before the first day of school. We encourage students - athletes - not to make an appointment until they are 100% present to be eligible. Our goal is for all athletes to be on the field on the first day of the season for trial and training days, and we appreciate everything you have done to ensure you can participate in training and tryout for your first day of fall.

The football field, known as Soby Field, was built in 1965 and named after the former football coach and now head coach of the University of Missouri football team. The office is located on the second floor of St. Louis High School, right next to the football stadium.

When Timberland High School was built, its students played the Wentzville Holt team in the same football game as the St. Louis Holt football team, since Timberland was also founded. After Holt was added as the school's common name, the new athletic coach and his staff began branding the team "Timberland" in honor of the former football coach's name.

In 1969, the Gymnasium was officially named after Emil E. Holt, who served as the school district treasurer for 42 years, four of which were as the district treasurer. While the common initials WHHS remained, for much of its history it was only called Holt and Holt High. Although officially known as Wentzville High School, Holt is actually only known by his official name when it became a common addition to the name.

The first school building burned down in 1908, but was rebuilt and used as a secondary school. As enrollment at Wentzville High School rose, it was transformed into a four-year high school and equipped with a new gym, library and auditorium. In 1938, the building of the high school was expanded and reorganized into the present building, with a sports hall and a football and basketball arena.

There is a club sports program that competes in the Mid-States Club Hockey Association, one of the oldest and largest club hockey leagues in Missouri. There are three levels of competition: Club, High School, Junior High and College. All athletes must complete at least one year of college eligibility in all sports played during the season. This means that students have to play on a Saturday, whether it is football, basketball, hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, lacrosse or baseball.

We are trying to talk to parents and students about what to do before the season starts. Our physiotherapists take time to design individual treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Services include physiotherapy, physical education, mental health, nutrition and sports medicine.

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