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Daniel Fishback left the corporate world to pursue his art career at the Cultural Arts Centre in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in an artist family, but despite a liberal art education, he never received a formalized art education and never attended an art course. Artists without amateur experience are welcome to visit Jerry's Art Clinic, which takes place every Friday afternoon at the Cultural Center. The most popular class is the Friday afternoon art clinic, hosted by the Art Society of Greater Kansas City and the Missouri Arts Council. Painting, sketching, drawing, painting and more - this is what the students can do in class on Friday afternoons.

For more information about Jerry's Art Clinic or to register for a course, please contact the Cultural Center at (417) 862-8500.

A team of technicians, hygienists and dentists will use the latest methods and innovative technologies to ensure accurate, effective and affordable care. They will work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan - tailored to your individual needs. If you have a dentist at a crossroads or serious oral pain, call our dentist. One of our team members will offer you advice during regular business hours.

Start something new, register in advance or just bring supplies for the project you are working on as long as you have registered.

If you have a broken tooth, cracked teeth or any other dental problem, please do not hesitate to call Crossroads Dental in Wentzville, Missouri. We can identify your specific problem and give you stress - free treatment with comfort in mind. Call our dentists at 636 - 639 - 1720 to make an appointment and get the smile you always wanted. Cross Roads Dentists in Goochland County provide a treatment tailored to your needs, offered by our exceptionally well trained dental team using the most advanced oral hygiene tools.

Our trainers are award-winning athletes and are honored to offer the people of Wentzville their professional training. You have more than 30 years of experience in dentistry and dental care and have a deep understanding of the importance of proper oral hygiene and oral health.

If you are looking for a martial arts class in Wentzville or just a fun and challenging environment to get in shape and improve your health, Gracie Barra Jui - Jitsu Wentzville offers it. You love what you do and bring that passion and energy to the lessons you offer in our martial arts dojo. This means that when you enter our school, you enter an environment that is led by a professional martial artist. We learn about the innate qualities that are crucial for being a martial artist, such as self-discipline, discipline and discipline.

We are also constantly looking for new programs and courses that we can offer, and our programs are geared to the needs and requirements of every age group. If you choose Gracie Barra, choose a martial arts program that combines the best of both worlds, a fun and challenging environment for fitness, discipline and discipline. Our program is designed to improve your health, concentration and character and is tailored to your needs, requirements and age groups.

A graduate of Fontbonne College, Shirley Nachtrieb has been a freelance artist and teacher for over 30 years. Her works include painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and map making as well as works in the field of map making and graphic design.

Shirley has been awarded the prestigious Grumbacher Award for Excellence four times and her work has been published in numerous books and magazines. Shirley is a member of the Missouri Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences (MSA) and has received several awards for her work in graphic design. She is an active participant in local, state, and national arts festivals and writes regularly for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other publications.

Shirley's expertise spans a wide range of media and her freelance murals, paintings and maps can be found on her website, Facebook page or in her book.

At Crossroads Dentist in Wentzville, Missouri, we firmly believe that your oral health directly affects your overall health, and we are ready to address your dental problems. Our goal is to help you maintain effective oral hygiene so that you can prevent tooth decay and avoid tooth decay and gum disease. We use the best methods to provide our patients with high quality dental care. At Cross Roads dentists, we are committed to providing effective, convenient and affordable dental services to the people of WentZville Missouri.

Restoring an ideal tooth structure improves the appearance of your oral health, prevents adjacent teeth from moving, eliminates the discomfort of misaligned teeth and improves your appearance. We use the latest technology to analyze and diagnose with exceptional accuracy. This allows our dentists to diagnose your problems with a high degree of accuracy and you can relax when you know you are getting the quality care you deserve.

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